We Invest In Our Team,
So Our Team Can Invest In You

We Invest In Our Team, So Our Team Can Invest In You

Providing Trusted Counsel for More Than 35 Years

We operate with a singular purpose

We Help Clients Navigate Their Financial Futures

We’re performance driven and risk aware. Our emphasis on long-term thinking and results has served us well across multiple market cycles.

We are committed to complying with both the letter and the spirit of laws and regulations. We strive to exemplify the highest ethical standards. Professionalism has always been our North Star.

As an independent asset management firm, we are proud of our reputation for integrity, hard work, and the quality of our investment research, asset management services and results.

Removing Emotion From Decision Making

Opportunity Identification

We use a top-down, bottom-up approach to identify investment opportunities. This allows us to filter investments from broad-based macroeconomic views down to asset price levels.

Rigorous Analysis

Once an opportunity has been identified, we rigorously analyze the investment across three variables: valuation, fundamentals, and the geopolitical environment. Our goal is to identify buy factors and warning signals. Post-investment, our rigorous analysis continues.

Nimble Execution

Our portfolio managers are empowered to make buy and sell decisions, eliminating the need for multiple levels of approval. This efficient approach to decision-making translates into nimble execution.

Our Team

Headshot of David Basten

David Dillard Basten

President & CIO

Headshot of Dave Basten

David Mason Basten

Managing Director

Headshot of Bretz East

Brentz East

Portfolio Manager

Headshot of Barry Weiss

Barry D. Weiss, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Headshot of John Tener

John Tener, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Headshot of Austen Basten

Austin Basten, JD

Chief Compliance Officer

Headshot of Dennis Stratton

Dennis Stratton, CPA


Headshot of Charles Foster

Charles Foster, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Headshot of Bonnie Harris

Bonnie Harris

Operations Manager


Yorktown Funds Placeholder Image for Team Member

Michael J. Borgen