A Structured Process Striving for Repeatable Results

Removing Emotion From Decision Making

Opportunity Identification

We use a top-down, bottom-up approach to identify investment opportunities. This allows us to filter investments from broad-based macroeconomic views down to asset price levels.

Rigorous Analysis

Once an opportunity has been identified, we rigorously analyze the investment across three variables: valuation, fundamentals, and the geopolitical environment. Our goal is to identify buy factors and warning signals. Post-investment, our rigorous analysis continues.

Nimble Execution

Our portfolio managers are empowered to make buy and sell decisions, eliminating the need for multiple levels of approval. This efficient approach to decision-making translates into nimble execution.

Rigorous Analysis: Buy & Sell Indicators


  • Historically attractive valuations relative to the security’s trading history and growth
  • Historically high valuations relative to the security’s trading history and growth
  • 15% or greater price decline


  • Strong, stable management
  • Good growth momentum
  • Strong product
  • Significant management changes
  • Product/process obsolescence
  • Declining market share


  • Stable economic environment
  • Strong currency
  • Growing inflation in the area
  • Political/social unrest